If there’s one thing that stops me in my tracks whenever I’m scrolling through Instagram, it’s a Chanel outfit. But the kind of Chanel outfits you see on Instagram are usually the low-key type. Especially without red carpets and in-person fashion shows these days, casual Chanel outfits are more prevalent in our feeds than ever. (Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing influencers’ at-home Chanel looks for the recent couture show.)

When thinking of a Chanel outfit, it’s hard not to think of a woman in a full-on tweed suit with pumps and pearls. But the Chanel outfits of the 2020s are decidedly cooler and more chill, i.e. lots of tweed Chanel blazers with jeans or leggings. Oh, and accessories, so many accessories. And we love to see it. 

As you probably know, you can’t purchase new Chanel items online, so I tracked down a few vintage items and lots of pieces to get the casual Chanel look with the click of a mouse. Or you can just take in the eye candy and let it inspire outfits using pieces you already own. Either way, this should be fun.

Keep scrolling for 12 casual Chanel outfits you’re sure to love.

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