Henry Rose… Where to start? Founded by legend Michelle Pfeiffer (read the whole story here), this is the first line of the fragrance created with 100% ingredient transparency. Every perfume is safe and sustainable, and the bottles are even made from 90% recycled glass. Currently, there are eight different scents to choose from: Window’s Down, Jake’s House, Torn (one of my favorites!), Fog, Dark Is Night, Queens & Monsters, and Last Light. These are all equally stunning in their own right.

For fall, however, I suggest shopping for Smyth. It’s a bright, sparkling scent of ripe and juicy notes like green apple, melon-pineapple sorbet, apricot nectar, star jasmine, white tea, sheer white woods, sandalwood, and complex layering of musks make it the perfect transition from summer to fall.