Find a comfortable seat, relax your body, and feel your shoulders descend as the back of your neck lengthens. Tuck your chin slightly. Close your eyes, and in your mind’s eye, draw an imaginary line from ear to ear. Find the center point of that line and rest your attention there. Feel as if your attention is seated there, near the center of your head.

Relax your forehead. Feel your breath. Stay at that center point in your head and observe your breath. Notice that thoughts attempt to pull your attention away from the center of your head. Feeling your breath, be the observer or witness of your thoughts. Let them pass, but keep your attention anchored in the center of your head, feeling your breath.

Very slowly open your eyes, keeping your attention centered, and feel the observer looking through your eyes. Stay in your body, looking out of your eyes. If your thoughts speed up, close your eyes and regain your seat.