Yoga is a fantastic form of daily movement, well-suited for all different fitness levels, with the help of modifications. Case in point: chair yoga. This type of yoga practice involves poses you can do while seated in a chair—making it accessible for anyone who isn’t able to move through standing and supine yoga postures, or has challenges with balance. Chair yoga stretches are also ideal as a midday movement break, particularly for people who work at a desk all day long.

Below, I’ve compiled seven of my favorite chair yoga stretches—to help you bend, twist, fold, and roll out any pent-up tension in your body. I recommend moving through these exercises at least once a day (or as many times as you’d like), especially if you spend a lot of time behind a computer.

Move through the entire series for a complete movement routine, or just try one or two of the stretches as a short break. Whatever you choose, be sure to breathe deeply, and enjoy!