While scrolling through my Instagram recently, I’ve seen a lot more unique pieces like corsets made from Nike socks or jackets made out of old quilts and I instantly became intrigued. After a few searches on the internet and scouring platforms like TikTok and Depop, I found a variety of brands (small and big) that were turning deadstock or upcycled fabric into new and innovative creations. There’s a big conversation surrounding whether using deadstock or upcycled fabrics is the most sustainable option, especially for larger brands, but it’s been pointed out that it’s still a better option, especially for small brands that want to be more sustainable and don’t mind producing in limited runs. 

While many of these brands rely on vintage or used fabric, they release the product in limited runs or drops where products sell out instantly due to their popularity. If you’re looking into coveting some unique pieces for your wardrobe, look no further than the brands below.