While you bathe, do you clock how a lot ends at down in the direction of the drain? Effectively, that’s a straightforward technique to see what the deal is: “If the remaining hair within the drain has a pillowy texture to it that’s an indicator extra hair has been shed,” says Leonardo Manetti, stylist at Rob Peetoom in Brooklyn, NY. 

However simply aware: In case you are one to skip each day brushing, detangling, or shampooing, you’ll doubtless see an elevated quantity of hairs on the drain whenever you do bathe. This just because stated hairs would have shed naturally over the course of some days, however as a substitute shed suddenly whenever you detangle hair. “Sure, for those who don’t brush each day, you’ll discover extra hair in your brush or whenever you bathe drain after you give your self a pleasant shampoo and scrub your scalp,” says Manetti. 

Taylor agrees: “If you happen to don’t brush your hair daily you’ll discover extra hair is popping out at one time. That doesn’t essentially imply that you’re shedding an excessive amount of. It simply implies that the hairs which have fallen out naturally are getting caught in small bindings or knots that occur whenever you don’t brush your hair.”