Doing a twist out is hard work and so you should arm yourself with products to make the process worth it. When you’ve taken the time to twist your hair, the last thing you want is to unravel it only to find undefined curls that don’t hold up well. Recently, after trying countless curl creams and gels, I tried the Cantu Jamaican Black Castrol Oil Curl Stretch Paste ($6), and I’m never looking back.

I have tightly coiled 4C hair and a curly 3C wig that I wear with my hair left out around the perimeter of my forehead. To blend the two textures, I wet my hair, apply the Cantu curl stretch paste, and put my hair into two-strand flat twists overnight. When I unravel the twists, I’m left with a springy, defined curl that works perfectly with the texture of my wig. Because I’m a bit of a perfectionist (and the section of hair that I twist is so small), I usually do this process nightly. But the curls this paste creates are so well-defined that I can get about two days of wear out of them. This product can also help add length to braid outs and wash-and-gos.

“Paste” is truly the best way to describe this product. It’s thick—simultaneously denser and creamier than a gel. It works by weighing down the hair to elongate curls and prevent them from shrinking back up. However, it’s paradoxically incredibly lightweight and never leaves my hair feeling heavy or crunchy.

The curl stretch paste is part of Cantu’s latest Jamaican black castor oil line that was designed for tight curls and coils. JBCO is a superstar ingredient that works to nourish, protect, and heal your hair. Honey, shea butter, and cocoa butter round out the formula, by conditioning, moisturizing, and strengthening hair.

Check out the rest of the Jamaican black castor oil line below.

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