Published Date – 2021-01-27 23:26:12

Sony has pulled back the curtain on next month’s free games for all PlayStation Plus subscribers and it’s looking like another win for everyone involved. Beginning with the release of PlayStation 5 last year, the platform holder has been offering an additional title for download at no extra cost, naturally allowing more room to account for player tastes. Indeed, the trio up for grabs this time around couldn’t be more different in tone or setting, but they’re certainly of near-equal quality.

Headlining the selection next month is undoubtedly Remedy Entertainment’s stellar single-player adventure Control. Released back in 2019 for last-gen consoles, this version of Jesse Faden’s struggle to find missing brother Dylan is available on PS4 and PS5, with the latter getting access to additional features such as Game Help. This can be used to provide helpful nudges in the right direction as Jesse navigates the Oldest House – a labyrinthine government building steeped in mystery that supposedly holds clues as to the whereabouts of her sibling.

As for the remaining two titles, Destruction AllStars and Concrete Genie will assuredly have plenty of entertainment to offer once you’ve seen the credits roll on Control. The former, an arcade-style vehicular destruction effort from the folks at Lucid, will launch at the same time it joins PlayStation Plus similarly to a deal struck by Mediatonic for Fall Guys. That being the case, Lucid will almost certainly be hoping to swiftly establish a sizeable fanbase for its first major project.

Last but certainly not least, Concrete Genie is an action-adventure from indie studio Pixelopus that tasks players with restoring color to the polluted town of Denska via the use of a magical paintbrush. As a multi-award winning experience, this is definitely one uplifting quest worth checking out. Those who own a PlayStation VR headset can also experience the joys of (literally) painting the town red in virtual reality.

All of the above will be available next week and will replace those currently available on PlayStation Plus for the month of January. For a refresher on the games being removed, see here.

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