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We woke up to the news we needed on Monday morning—Meghan Markle, of Montecito, California, had sat for the cover of The Cut. Rocking an ever-so-chic slicked-back bun, she stared into the camera oozing the poise and confidence she’s known for. Markle wears her hair back frequently, but it’s often more casual and messy. A tendril or two of hair is pulled out to frame her face or she reveals a tousled ponytail when she turns her head. But on this cover, her hair is smoothed all the way down. And somehow, she doesn’t look like George Washington, the way so many of the rest of us do when we attempt this style. It’s giving ballerina-chic instead of founding-father frump.

To nail the look, Devin Graciano, hairstylist and head of product development at Goldie Locks, says the key is to keep the look shiny and hydrated rather than dry and dull.

“You want to use products that will hold and add reflective shine,” says Graciano. “To avoid looking like a founding father when trying to recreate this look at home, opt for products that are hydrating and can provide that high-shine end result while it helps to control any unruly hairs, especially around the hairline.”

How to recreate Meghan Markle’s low bun

Start with the right products for your hair type

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Hair Pomade

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Hair Pomade — $60.00

Packed with shea butter and manketti oil, this pomade adds moisture to hair, makes the hair more manageable, and helps maintain a smooth and controlled style. It’s lightweight enough to use daily without weighing your hair down.

Goldie Locks Signature Serum

Goldie Locks Signature Serum — $56.00

Graciano recommends this serum from Goldie Locks. It’s lightweight, fast-absorbing, and hydrating to give hair an instant shine and protect against frizz. She says it pairs well with your mousse of choice.

Sachajuan Hair Mousse

Sachajuan Hair Mousse — $37.00

This Sachajuan Mousse is ideal for flat, fine, difficult-to-style hair. It has a special technology that repairs and strengthens hair while taming frizz.

14th Night Hair Elixer

14th Night Hair Elixir

Add a super luxe shine to your hair with this treatment from 14th Night. It’s rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants, making your hair instantly shiny while working to strengthen your hair over time

Nail the execution

“The devil’s in the details,” says Graciano. “Brush in sections towards the nape or where you will secure your elastic, or rubber band. Brush with intention towards the exact placement you will secure the bun and it will visibly make all the difference. If you were to brush the hair to just naturally fall and then casually bring the hair back into the bun, it lacks intention and will for sure give you the founding father’s vibe.”

You also want to avoid having your hair sag below the elastic at the base of your skull.

“We have all seen or have fallen victim to the sagging hair in the nape area,” says Graciano. “The trick to truly make this sleek and sexy is to tilt your chin upward as you fasten your elastic. Once you have the first elastic in place, look forward and you will immediately feel the difference and the tight security you have in the back.”

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.