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Despite their simplicity, basics aren’t always an easy thing to get right. With fewer frills and flash to distract from potentially imperfect silhouettes and proportions, it’s all up to the tailoring and quality to deliver. Since we’re always on a quest to find which basics reign supreme, today, we’re venturing back to square one with the humble white tee. A wardrobe building block, white t-shirts for the fashion set are very much like opinions for everyone else-every has one. Yet it does takes some trial and error to figure out which works for your styling needs and body. To save you the effort (and money) of test-driving every single white t-shirt out there, we turned to the people most likely qualified to weigh in on the subject: stylists.

Along with safety pins, double-sided fashion tape, and arsenals of lint rollers, every good stylist keeps a white tee or two within their on set prop kit, so it’s no surprise that their recommendations are right on the mark. From Insecure‘s costume designer to Gabrielle Union’s stylist and more, I asked 11 of today’s top stylists to give me their unfiltered opinions on the best white tees around. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or looking for something luxe, there are plenty of great options ahead.