There aren’t that many brands that I can say I’ve been wearing for more than ten years, but Madewell is definitely one of them. They have some of the best special basics on the market, and their jeans are as good as designer (and significantly cheaper). This is a fact that I’ve stated so many times that I’m practically a broken record at this point.

I’m always intrigued by what a brand’s bestselling items are, as it’s safe to assume that they’re tried and true and therefore great. But an even better way to prove this is to try them out myself, so that’s what I did. Madewell has great models (including size-inclusive ones!) but it’s hard to really know how something will look IRL, especially when you’re 5’4″ like myself and the average height of a model is 5’9″. So I chose eight basics that have reached bestseller status to try on in the comfort of my own home, from the perfect white T-shirt to jeans that Madewell shoppers rave about constantly. Keep scrolling to see how they look, read my reviews, and shop the bestselling items for yourself.