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Full transparency: I’ve wanted to hit something more than a few times in 2020. (Haven’t we all?) Among its many other purposes, exercise is an outlet for rage, joy, and all the other feelings. So on those days when you want to glove up and throw some swings, BoxUnion instructor Beth Gold‘s 20-minute, low-impact boxing workout will help you step into the ring no matter where you are.

Although you could use a real punching bag if you have access to one, it’s also perfectly fine to send those uppercuts and jabs into the air in front of you—just use your imagination. Before you get started, make sure you have a clear perimeter around you so you don’t end up knocking down a crystal vase or something equally delicate.

Try Gold’s 20-minute low-impact boxing workout

1. 360 breathing: Come to a kneeling position and wrap your hands around your lower ribs so that your elbows stick out like wings. Breathe through your nose to fill up your lungs, then exhale through your teeth. (This should make a sound like steam rising out of a pan.) “Make sure you’re not scrunching up you upper body. It’s all in your lungs and you’re even expanding your back. That’s why it’s called 360 breathing. When you exhale, you should feel your ribs coming in and your shoulders should stay tall,” says Gold.

2. Cat/cow: Walk your hands forward and come into tabletop position with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Arch your spine and look up to the sky, then do the opposite: tuck your tailbone underneath you to come into an angry cat pose. Alternate between arching and curling your back until you’re feeling warmer.

3. Modified monkey stretch: From your tabletop, straighten your left leg out to the left and point your toes up to the sky. (Your heel is resting on the floor.) Slowly send your hips back toward your right heel, moving backward and forward in a way that feels good and safe for your hamstring. Switch sides.

4. Thread the needle pose: Come back to tabletop position and stretch your left arm straight up toward the sky. Gently weave it under your right arm and bring your left cheek to the ground (or a block, if that makes you feel more comfortable). Stretch your right fingertips straight forward. Relax into the pose and, when you’re ready, switch sides.

You’re all warmed up now! To work through the full workout, punches and all, watch the video above. 

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