Oh hey there, spring 2021. Even though we’re still very much bogged down in winter, I’m already jumping the gun on planning my spring wardrobe—nothing wrong with a little sartorial escapism, right? The new season brings a fresh batch of silhouettes to look forward to and as a fashion editor, I tend to research, talk about, and obsess over each and every one of them. That being said, there’s a difference between the trends I report on and what actually enters my closet and I tend to be much pickier about the latter.

Curious to know which styles I’ll realistically wear IRL? Here, I’m sharing the six spring trends that are destined for my closet, all of which are conveniently stocked at our Who What Wear line for under $40. I won’t lie, not everything that’s trending right now feels right for me, so I’ll be skipping a number of styles that don’t align with my relaxed and easy outfit vibe these days. Keep reading for my list of editor-approved spring trends and shop the pieces I’m eyeing within each.