While it may take me what feels like hours to put together an outfit, I pride myself on how quickly I can do my makeup. I consider myself a makeup amateur,  but whenever I post a selfie or a quick video of my makeup on Instagram, I get an influx of DMs asking how I apply makeup or which products I used, so you could say, even in quick timing, I still do a decent job. Pre-COVID, I was the queen of doing makeup on the subway or in office bathrooms, so I have quite a bit of practice in completing a look in a time crunch and with minimal products on deck. I’ve even had a train conductor ask me how I could possibly put on liquid liner on a moving train, but I’m sure other commuters know that it becomes a coveted skill with time. 

While I love experimenting with new products, I’m a creature of habit. Once I find a brand that works really well for me, I end up mixing in more products from their collections into my makeup routine. There’s a large variety of brands out there on the market, but the three brands below have been my go-tos for makeup that looks good but can be applied in under 10 minutes, which is ideal since I don’t even want to wear makeup at all these days. If you’re also someone who struggles with makeup but still wants to look like a pro, look no further than the options given below and thank me later.