New Delhi: Stress is a by-product of success and continuous flow of work. When you start losing the balance between personal life and professional life, the problem starts on mental, physical and even on the spiritual level. Udit Dixit also faced many problems while climbing stairs of success. He shares, how he overcame stress.

Udit Dixit said the first step to overcoming stress is to recognize it. Many people don’t even know, from what they are going through. Various symptoms of stress are moving legs constantly, flitting, brooding, sweating automatically and the like. “Leave the work and start taking deep breaths”, he said.  Dixit believes one must adhere to travelling as it is a stress bursting activity.

He said, “Manage your finances properly. Money can be one of the reasons that are causing you stress so make a productive pattern to keep your expenses and revenues properly checked.

“I walk and listen to my favourite songs to distract myself from stress”, he said while sharing his believes if you are stressed after disagreeing with your client and co-worker, let it go. Do not sponge the stress. The basics of stress management is to live healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and staying happy.

Working experience to stress. He said, “I do not procrastinate things unnecessarily as they induce stress.” He all the time and not to give to yourself also induces stress as you start losing balance between your life and work. Udit Dixit said, “I must give an hour to myself in 24 hours, as I stay fit, my work will also stay fit.” If you are stress-free then only you can work whole-heartedly. It’s really important to know your way of dealing with your stress. Recognize it, solve it, and stay happy.

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