Dressing for winter and pulling it off in a stylish way can sometimes be a tall order. While a leather jacket and a few light layers are all that’s ever really needed to get by in the South and West, here on the East Coast, though, it’s another story. Enter Shalini Acharya, an influencer and veteran New Yorker. We routinely turn to this fashion creative for top-notch outfit ideas because of her directional and elevated approach to style. And while everyone has a different method for bundling up in the winter, the 17 years (and counting) that she’s spent living in NYC have helped her develop a well-rounded and well-edited lineup of winter staples. To that point, her capsule wardrobe, in particular, is consistently worth noting.

As a minimalist, Acharya never wants to buy too many pieces, but after a little trial and error, she’s landed on a winter capsule wardrobe that allows her to stay both warm and stylish with a few key essentials. First, the turtleneck top became the ultimate layering piece. When worn with jeans or under a dress, it lends a sophisticated spin to any look. Next, a heavier sweater was perfect for colder days. Not one to give up dresses, she learned to love longer hemlines and taller boots to meet them. Another winter must? Knee-high boots, which are essential for pairing with long dresses and navigating snowy sidewalks. And finally, classic wool coats are the ultimate topper for both banishing the cold and looking stylish. Go on to shop the 16 pieces from her winter capsule wardrobe, and check out a few outfit combinations along the way.