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As any woman with curly hair can attest to, finding the best curly hair products can be a never-ending journey. While it may seem like testing new products for your coils would be easier than embracing a makeup routine, that’s not the case. Your curl texture and where you’re at in your curly hair journey dictate everything. Transitioning to your natural texture requires a whole different set of products than finding the best everyday styling routine. It can feel as if your curls require submission to the never-ending test-driving of products. 

If reading that sentence alone drained the effort out of your body, I’m here to tell you that I tried 32 curly hair products in one month and survived. If I can survive it, my friends, I promise you, too, can find the perfect curly hair products for you. Still not convinced? Ahead, you’ll find my honest account of what I’m dubbing my curly hair trials—a detailed report of my pre-test product lineup, the products I did try, and products that became my new favorites.