Stains be damned, there’s an emerging home decor trend I don’t think even the most type A of clean freaks are ready for: enter spa-core. It’s pretty much everything you’d expect from such a name—think palettes of calming shades like oatmeal and white, along with earthy, minimal accents. It’s a less is more approach that’s meant to soothe and relax versus overwhelm the eye. Perhaps the best example yet of the aesthetic comes from none other than queen of neutrals, Kim Kardashian. In an IG post captioned “My fave room in the house,” Kardashian unveiled a glimpse of her infamously bare living room (if you’ve seen that episode of 73 Questions you’ll know exactly what I mean), in which nothing in the room is darker than a piece of toast. Immediately my thoughts first jumped to all of the likely scenarios in which I’d completely ruin a pristine space like that with accidental coffee stains. Next, I couldn’t help but marvel at its stylish immaculateness. While the shift towards neutral decor has long been a thing (especially for millenials), spa-core takes things to a whole new level of minimalism. There seems to be a few pillars to achieving such a zen, spa-like atmosphere: a white couch is a key element as well as a light-colored rug to help pull everything together, among more. Ahead, keep reading to see how tastemakers are pulling off the spa-core trend as well as how to bring a little relaxation into your own home.  Yes, it may require some upkeep but there’s nothing a bit of bleach and a magic eraser can’t fix.

A common thread for those who stick to the spa-core interior aesthetic is the white couch. It may sound like an exercise in futility, but owning one isn’t as demanding as you would think (even a sometimes messy eater like me can keep one clean). I love how it instantly brightens up a room, adding a feel of airiness you can’t get with a darker-colored couch. If you’re still concerned with long-term durability, a slip-covered option is infinitely easier to clean. Bouclé on the other hand is the It fabric of the moment.

Now moving on to the next order of business—the rug. Not only does it serve as the centerpiece of the room, but it also sets the soothing tone for the rest of the space. I know a neutral carpet doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing, but feel free to play with varying degrees of muted patterns for a little more interest. Some advice: avoid bright white rugs and opt for shades of creamy beige or off-white for a warmer effect. 

Whether you’re thinking about creating a zen-like sanctuary for your living room or bedroom, a comfy accent chair is always a wise choice. Beyond the practicality of additional seating, it creates extra dimension by bringing another element to your space. Since sticking with light neutral tones is the goal, a quirky shape can bring some charm in lieu of bold colors.

Here’s where everything comes together. From wall art to curtains and side tables, add these soothing pieces to complete the spa-like experience. Go for items with unique textures and details to avoid looking monotonous. 

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