I feel like I’ve talked about TikTok enough on here for you to know that I frequent the app more often than I should, but it’s hard to stay away when the fashion sector of it is as entertaining as it is. Right when I tell myself it’s time to get off, I find another cool girl showing off her fantastic style and I’m sucked in all over again. I’m not complaining, because, along the way, I found Raeann Langas, whose energy is sure to bring anyone joy. When it comes to fashion content, she does it all, from try-on hauls to styling videos, but a lot of her page is centered around the message of body positivity and feeling good in what you wear. Not only does she have a great fashion sense, but she also creates a space for girls to feel confident in their clothing, regardless of size and societal standards. 

To get more of her fashion insight, I decided to reach out and asked her a few things, ranging from her favorite size-inclusive brands to styling staples to what she expects to see more of in the fashion industry. Keep scrolling to find out what she had to say. 

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