Published Date – 2022-05-04 13:31:18

This article contains major spoilers for the Moon Knight season finale

Moon Knight‘s season finale has just been released and we’re happy to report the show ends on a high note. The episode delivered on showing Moon Knight / Mr. Knight kicking ass in unison, introduced an incredible-looking new hero in Layla/Tawaret, and showed us a killer kaiju battle between Khonshu and the giant crocodile god Ammit.

But it is the last moments of the episode that really get fans talking. Throughout the show, we’ve seen hints that Spector’s third personality from the comics, taxi driver Jake Lockley, is also present. His appearances so far have been very subtle, but we got a major hint that he was present mid-way through the episode when neither Marc nor Steven brought down Harrow in Cairo.

The episode closes with Khonshu apparently fulfilling his promise to free the pair, though the mid-credits scene shows it’s not quite as simple as that. Khonshu may have released Marc and Steven, but it seems that Jake Lockley is still very willing to carry out Khonshu’s homicidal wishes.

And so we see the (Spanish-speaking) Jake retrieve Harrow from the (cutely named) Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital, putting him in the back of a limo, and cold-heartedly shooting him in the head.

The episode didn’t close with a promise of a second season as Loki did, but this dangling plot thread feels like it needs to be resolved, so chances are good that Moon Knight will one day return. However, Oscar Isaac is a busy man and thus there might be a delay before we get to binge on the future adventures of Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley. Let’s hope it’s not too long.

Moon Knight is available to stream in full on Disney Plus.

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