Growing up, my older sister was my first style icon (I wouldn’t think something was cool till I got her opinion on it), and to this day we still bond over clothing, despite having completely different styles. While she still dabbles in the occasional trend, she much prefers pieces that are more minimal and neutral in design. While she still loves fashion, after she became a mom of two, she quickly realized that certain items just aren’t practical with kids, despite how forward and stylish they seem upon first look. And when working from home became apart of the picture this past year, she started to even further prioritize comfort and functionality on the items she was adding to her wardrobe. 

It’s no secret that motherhood is hard, whether you’re working or not. Along the way, my sister’s picked up ways to keep a balance within her dressing, finding pieces that sacrifice neither style nor comfort. She was happy to share her favorites with me, so below you’ll find a roundup of 10 basics she relies on as a mom balancing WFH and two kids all while looking polished and chic. (Even if you’re not a mother, the staples below are excellent options to have in your wardrobe.)