Another season, another roundup of my favorite outfits for girls who aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel with their fashion choices. Of course, as I’ve mentioned before, I like to think that having simple style doesn’t mean you necessarily need to dress boring or basic. Rather, for me, it means combining classic essentials with a handful of trend-forward (but investment-worthy) pieces for outfits that feel cool and polished but not too out-there.

Below you can expect my top three favorite fall-ready outfits from three groups—celebrities, girls I follow on Instagram, and street style stars—all nine of which are easy to re-create (and repeat) and shoppable at any budget. Whether you’re a denim lover, live in skirts and dresses, are looking for a good suit set, or all of the above, I guarantee there’s something for you, so just keep scrolling to get started.