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The introduction of the Timeless Little one backstory on the finish of the newest season of Physician Who was, to place it calmly, a controversial transfer. Retconning a lot of what we all know in regards to the Physician and the historical past of Time Lords, the choice signifies that the lead character is one thing very completely different to what we first thought. A brand new principle, nevertheless, is now suggesting that the Grasp may be a Timeless Little one.

In line with ScreenRant, the revamped origin story for the Physician had the consequence of creating the Grasp much less of their equal, in that they’re now simply one other Time Lord, albeit a robust one who’s managed to cheat their typical regeneration cycle. When Tecteun found the Timeless Little one on the border to a different universe, we see these occasions happen within the third-person, elevating the likelihood that somebody needed to be watching the scene for it to seem within the Gallifreyan Matrix.

The idea, then, goes that the Grasp is a second Timeless Little one, and was additionally adopted by Tecteun for the needs of experimenting with their regenerative skills, one thing that may later be added to the genetic code of the Time Lords. In fact, there are some hints of how there have been two youngsters, notably within the Little one’s first regeneration after being pushed off a clifftop. Nevertheless, one flaw with this concept is that the Grasp took revenge on Gallifrey after discovering the hidden reality of their origins, which wouldn’t essentially make sense in the event that they had been additionally from the identical species.

The Grasp’s reminiscences may additionally be redacted, as a lot of the Matrix is reported to be, but it surely does appear to be a stretch to contemplate that there are Timeless Kids. For one factor, this reveal takes away from the individuality of the Physician, and why that is proven to be so necessary to the character on the finish of season 12. Whether or not offspring of the Physician are additionally of the identical race is one other query, although. Anyway, like different Physician Who theories, it’s enjoyable to consider, however in all probability doesn’t maintain as much as nearer scrutiny.

Within the meantime, we don’t have lengthy to attend for the following festive particular of Physician Who, which was filmed concurrently season 12, and due to this fact not affected by the identical COVID-19-related delays because the upcoming thirteenth run of episodes.

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