If you’re not ready to head to your dermatologist to bring your wimpy brows back to life, consider investing in a good topical growth serum. “I swear by formulations that contains peptides that stimulate hair growth. These products can also slightly darken brow hair for a fuller, more striking look.” notes Lee Lozina. 

Your standard brow serums usually contain peptides. The research on these is young—as it’s a newer area of beauty—but anecdotally people swear by their ability to foster healthy hair. Regardless, amino acid peptides contain good-for-skin and hair ingredients, so even if they can’t spur regrowth according to scientific data (at this time), they can at least encourage the hairs you do have to be their healthiest—which might create a fuller-appearing brow. 

Additionally, antioxidants can help the hair follicle with free radicals. See hair ages with free radicals and oxidative stress. And since hair thins as it ages, you can potentially keep the strands healthier with antioxidants. If you already have an antioxidant serum in your skin care arsenal, you can just make sure you cover the brows with it as well.