Picture this: It’s 2012 and log onto Youtube. In the mix of makeup tutorials using Urban Decay’s widely loved Naked Palette and prank videos, you find your favorite beauty gurus and vloggers sharing what’s inside their bags. The video trend was widely popular, and from their beauty staples to the random assortment of items they kept with them, viewers were eager to know. I was in high school around the time, and even though the only thing in my bag at the time were textbooks, I couldn’t help but let my curiosity win and watch what everyone was keeping in their black hole of a handbag.

While nostalgic trends have been heavily resurfacing as of late, I thought I’d relive these videos and ask my fellow Who What Wear editors about the must-have items they keep in their bags, along with their current handbag pick. What one keeps in their bag is something more personal than you may think, as it can tell a short story about someone and how they think their day and what they’d need in any situation. Some like to keep their supplies minimal while some like to come prepared with everything. If you’re curious to see what fashion editors keep on them when they’re about and about, then keep scrolling.