What was your inspiration for the look?  

I was imagining an interplanetary catwalk of the future. A runway of alien beauties!

What are three to five adjectives you’d use to describe the look?

Multidimensional, electric, otherworldly, explosive color. 

Do you have experience working backstage at fashion shows? If so, what is your favorite or least favorite part of creating runway looks?

Yes, I’ve had the experience of working fashion week, and I really enjoyed it. My least favorite part is the chaos and the frenzy. My favorite part is the rush you get from seeing the vision of the designer come to life on the runway—hearing the pulse of the music, the lights going on, and the fantasy and the storytelling beginning.

What is your favorite fashion week city? Why?

I love New York Fashion Week. New York has an unduplicatable, undeniable pulse that just feels so good, and the people you see and meet will never fail to surprise and delight!

One of my favorite fashion weeks was when I keyed a Serena Williams show alongside esteemed artist James Vincent. I did the makeup on the model opening the show. Serena is such a strong, powerful woman who is so clear on what she wants. I have so much admiration for who she is and what she has created. I remember watching her studying the makeup very intensely. Every celebrity you can imagine was both front row and fighting for position backstage, from Anna Wintour, Kim Kardashian, and more. At the end of the show, Serena graciously took photos and took the time to thank the artists involved. She gave me the biggest hug and whispered in my ear, “You are amazing.”  I’ll never forget that day!

What do you love about runway makeup, and what differentiates it from red carpet and editorial?

Although I have love for all styles of makeup, for me, there is such a different energy that comes from seeing makeup as part of a story—walking, breathing, and living right in front of you. It’s the difference between reading a fairy tale vs. living inside one! In a photograph, you can mentally transport yourself to a space in time communicated through makeup and fashion, and that can be very cool. Seeing it living and moving is such a different experience. You feel it and connect with it on a much deeper level!