Published Date – 2021-02-05 02:27:57

After teaming up on Central Intelligence and two Jumanji movies, it looked as though Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart were going to become inseparable, before Ryan Reynolds swooped in and apparently displaced the diminutive comedian as The Rock’s new BFF, ironically after both of them had made cameo appearances in Hobbs & Shaw.

The world’s two highest-paid actors reunited for Netflix’s upcoming action blockbuster Red Notice, and engaged in plenty of social media back and forth throughout the production. There’s been a lot of talk that they’re looking for another project to collaborate on as quickly as possible, too, but with both A-listers among the busiest names in the industry, it looked as though the Hobbs & Shaw sequel would be the best bet.

However, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Reynolds had a secret role in Hobbs & Shaw long before it was revealed – that the Canadian star is still chasing his hulking buddy for a Deadpool 3 cameo. According to our intel, though, it wouldn’t be a major role, with Johnson barreling his way through a packed schedule as per usual, and he’s even set to make his own superhero blockbuster with the DCEU’s Black Adam.

Of course, given his status as one of the most recognizable people on the planet, one option could be for him to play himself, and replace Hugh Jackman as the object of Deadpool‘s affections and constant stream of jokes in the threequel. After all, you could make the argument that Johnson’s too famous to portray any sort of fictional character in the MCU and DCEU at the same time, so showing up for a self-aware scene or two as a favor to his friend that doubles of a massive slice of fan service can’t be ruled out just yet.

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