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Ready for a fresh batch of wardrobe basics? As we sink our teeth into 2021, it’s only natural that we sit down to discuss the upcoming styles that will dominate for the year ahead. Even though basics tend to have a much longer shelf-life than seasonal trends, they do also go through style cycles which is why we’re about to highlight the freshest basics of the moment and, consequently, which now feel outdated.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that items like mesh leggings are now safely a thing of the past while others like bike shorts are nearing their end dates. Of course, these are simply my opinions based on what I’ve been noticing in the fashion world and you should always feel free to wear whatever you please. But if you’re looking for some guidance for your next closet clean-out or are simply curious to see which styles are hitting their expiration dates, look no further than the below six outdated basics and which pieces are replacing them. You’d even be wise to start shopping for your next restock now.