While most people tend to borrow clothes from their sisters or mom, I tend to do quite the opposite. Whenever I’m in a fashion slump but want to avoid shopping, I make my way over to my brother’s and dad’s closets to borrow pieces that catch my eye, and almost always I end up finding something that makes for the perfect outfit, and might even end up keeping. (Sorry not sorry.) From doing this (a little too often), I’ve also realized that men’s clothing is just more comfortable and have even found myself sifting through the men’s section when I shop, ditching buying certain basics from the women’s section almost completely. Additionally, a variety of menswear trends seem to come down the fashion week runways almost every season, so why not borrow from the boys?

I’m not sure if it’s the more relaxed fit or simplistic designs, but there’s something about certain pieces that just seem to fit and look better than the similar products offered in the women’s category. If you’re curious which ones, I’ve listed the 5 items below that I prefer shopping for in the men’s section so you could create your own borrowed-from-the-boys ensemble.


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