If you’ve recently watched Bridgerton and are on a high from the exquisite fashion and slow-burn romances, then welcome to the world of escapism that is period dramas. Stories like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Little Women have always been comforting films for me, as they created a world that I could jump to when I needed a break from reality.

The rules and order of the time aren’t exactly aspirational, but it’s the almost expected storylines and over-the-top costumes that differ from the majority of entertainment today. It wasn’t till recently that I realized a variety of fashion trends commonly seen in movies shot in this era are making their way into the mainstream fashion scene, from the runways of ready-to-wear collections to Paris Couture Week. Dior’s recent couture collection featured empire waists and embellished gowns that people couldn’t help but compare to the style of the British Regency era, which I don’t mind at all.

If you’re also fascinated with the grandeur style of high society, I’ve rounded up six trends that I’ve spotted throughout the films that you can shop now or take some inspiration from. From exaggerated collars to corsets, I’ll take anything I can to pretend I’m awaiting suitors like Duke of Hastings or my personal favorite, Mr. Darcy. You can keep it simple like the March sisters or go full-on dramatics like Marie Antoinette, this is a judgment-free zone.