In a skincare-obsessed universe, it can be pretty easy to forget how much TLC our beloved strands deserve, too. Our hair is, after all, just an extension of the skin on our face and head, and just like you’d want to gift your skin with protection, hydration, and glow, our strands crave a similar kind of care. Alas, navigating our way through the world of haircare can be super difficult. It would be impossible for every single person to have the same effective skincare routine, and the same goes for hair. Everyone has unique needs that require a unique routine

However, after talking to countless hairstylists and colorists over the years, one product everyone seems to unanimously agree is ultra-important (and, honestly, kind of underrated) is hair oil. It doesn’t matter how thick or thin your strands are or how curly or straight, everyone can benefit from the super-nourishing and rejuvenating benefits of a fabulous hair oil. The only problem, of course, is the issue of finding the perfect blend that will cater to your unique strand structure. We couldn’t all wear the same face oil on top of our complexion, and that applies to hair oil as well. For instance, people with white, blonde, or even silver hair will want to steer clear of amber- or golden-tinted hair oils (go for clear), as they may begin to quite literally stain your hair over time. Someone with thick, coarse hair will need a heavier, richer formula than someone with an ultra-fine texture. Research and review scrounging are key, and it’s important to keep in mind not only your hair type (coily, curly, wavy, or straight) and your texture (fine, medium, or thick) but also your hair goals. Some oils are amazing for imparting gem-like shine, while others feature ingredients more targeted toward repair and strengthening. Some hair oils are lightweight and will encourage volume and bounce, while others are heavier and loaded with indulgent ingredients. Catch our drift?