You are currently viewing These 11 Eye Masks Are Like An Ice Bath For Your Dark Circles

Your fragile eye area needs tons of love—the skin is so thin and delicate, which means it can easily dry out and crease. It’s also one of the first areas to betray a night of poor sleep, with puffiness and sallow half moons on full display. To help deflate the swollen skin in a pinch, many reach for eye masks or patches: These comma-shaped swishes are soaked in serums to deliver much-needed hydration to the delicate eye area, much like a sheet mask can nourish and plump the skin post-cleanse. 

Granted, eye masks won’t magically erase every crease and fine line in one go, as banishing under-eye wrinkles takes a committed routine. But can you slap on a set of patches one groggy morning and fake a solid eight hours for the time being? You bet. 

Ahead, 11 eye masks to freshen up those under-eyes.