Anyone following a plant-based diet has likely heard one common question time and time again: How do you get enough protein? But the truth is, there are loads of vegan protein sources—some of which you might be eating already (like ancient grains, for instance). And even if you’re not following a plant-based diet, a few more high-protein, veggie-packed meals can be a positive choice for your health.

Another reason it’s worthwhile? If you find sometimes your dishes aren’t keeping you full, using a protein-rich base can help keep you fuller, longer. In fact, a critical review by researchers at Harvard found evidence that eating more protein improves satiety of meals, especially in replacement of refined carbohydrates.

Among the easy-to-incorporate plant-proteins, particular ancient grains stand out as ideal protein-packed bases for delicious bowls or additions to warming soups. These four grains offer plenty of benefits beyond just protein too, but they’re an easy way to infuse as much as 10 grams of protein in your meal.