Look, I realize there are certain situations where sunglasses just aren’t necessary. Like, you know, when you’re sleeping or out at night after the sun has set. (Though, technically, the light from the sun is reflecting off the moon, so maybe they should be necessary, but I’ll save that debate for another time.) As a SoCal resident, I can tell you that sunglasses are an essential part of every outfit. I wear mine when it’s sunny or cloudy, when I’m dressed up or down, with or without makeup, so I like to keep my closet well-stocked with options.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s article: the sunglass styles I’m shopping for spring. Given that the majority of my time is spent at home these days, I was fully ready to spend hours searching online for versatile, modern styles. But then I stumbled across two insanely stylish women (Sai De Silva and Amy Lefévre) wearing the most perfect pair from Michael Kors (the Manhasset, for those asking), and there was no need to continue my hunt. It took all of a minute to scoop up my own pair from Sunglass Hut. Need proof that they are, in fact, that good? Keep scrolling to see two perfect spring outfits that prove sunnies are an essential part of any look and shop other pairs I have my eye on, too.