Since the gist of the mani is pretty simple—you know just paint your nails different colors—it comes down to execution. By this we mean you’ll want to prep your nails for a clean, polished mani. 

Clean, trim, buff, and file the nail (if you’re curious about your nail shape, we recommend mirroring your circle shape, which will give you the most natural look). Then, when you go into paint, follow this tip from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann: “”Place the brush about an eighth-inch away from the cuticle. As soon as you see polish flow, pull the brush straight down the center to the tip. Your nails get a bit wider at the side, so apply a little more pressure and let the bristles fan out. The next thing is to cap the nail. To do this, take the very tip of your brush and swipe it across the very tip of your nail, and that will keep your polish on for days longer.” If you need a refresher on DIY manicures, head over to our full guide

Now, since our option is matching your aura, you’ll also need to figure that out. Of course you can get it read professionally, but you can also hop over to our aura quiz to narrow yours down. Once you’ve done that, take our suggestions below for clean, free-from polishes.