I used to be strictly on the powder blush train for the longest time. It wasn’t because I hated cream blushes; mostly, I stuck with the powder versions because I found them easier to apply. All you need was a good brush for a couple of swipes and you’re all set. To me, cream blushes meant more blending, which left a lot more room for human error. And as someone who is pretty low-maintenance when it comes to makeup, I was hesitant.

But all of that changed in the past year as I started covering beauty. I had to try things that were outside of my comfort zone in order to write about these new and new-to-me products. All for the sake of good journalism, right? So I was introduced to a couple of cream blushes and now I reach for them a lot more than my powder blush. They just give that dewy, glowy look that pretty everyone is aspiring to these days. And as for the application difficulty level, I would say I definitely thought it would be harder than it really is. Just a light touch really goes a long way and you can build up the color if you want.

So now that I’m totally obsessed with cream blushes I asked some of my colleagues to share their favorite recs. Here’s what they said.