Published Date – 2022-01-31 03:49:44

Jennifer Couture, an Image of TikTok Logo. Photo:@thatdaneshguy/TikTok

A Florida woman named Jennifer Couture is currently making headlines after a viral TikTok video showcased her allegedly assaulting an individual outside of a local Dunkin Donuts.

In the clip posted online by a TikTok user named Danesh, Couture is seen exiting her black Mercedes SUV and approaching the unidentified individual’s car while spewing obscenities. Although it is unclear what caused the commotion, Couture told the unnamed person “You need to f–king relax with your little attitude” while attempting to grab their phone.

As the recording continued, the victim addressed the situation by confronting Couture. The unnamed person said, “You just assaulted me.” Couture replied by mimicking the previous sentiments and returning to her vehicle. As the unidentified individual kept talking, Couture was then seen backing up her SUV in an attempt to hit them.

TikTok user Danesh promptly appears on the screen and claims that Couture could be charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon after revealing the Florida resident tried to hit the victim a second time in an extended video that wasn’t shown in the clip.

Also, in the recording, Danesh uploaded Couture’s personal Facebook page and a clip of her seemingly admitting to the event after the TikTok user shared an Instagram direct message asking if she should contact an attorney.

No additional details regarding this incident have been released.

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